Hydro Power Plant Maintenance

Hydropower is becoming a more popular source of energy due to the benefits it provides communities. One of the main advantages is that hydropower is fuelled completely by water, a readily available resource. In addition, it enables communities to produce their own source of energy instead of paying extortionate amounts from international fuel suppliers.

Since water is a renewable energy source, it is much more reliable and affordable and there is no need to worry about the resource being depleted at some point in the future. Another surprising benefit is that hydropower creates reservoirs that can provide other opportunities such as fishing and recreational activities.

Best practices in operation and maintenance of Hydro Power Stations

- Static Excitation Equipment

In the Static Excitation System, power for providing field excitation is derived from the Generator output terminals. A transformer know as Excitation Transformer, is connected to the output terminals of the Generator to step down the voltage to the required voltage level usually 415 V AC. As we need DC supply, therefore Transformer output is connected to a Thyristor Full Bridge Rectifier.

- Auto Sequence Control

The sequence control is at the top of the hierarchy and coordinates the overall startup, shutdown, and operating auxiliaries of the machine in a step-by-step manner.

-Controlling and monitoring of station auxiliaries and electrical systems

Control and status indications of motors of various common auxiliary systems

-Controlling and monitoring of reservoir tailgates

Control and monitoring of reservoir gates from the control room through HMI

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